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The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association along with the Beach Soccer Association of T&T will stage opening Screening sessions this weekend geared towards National Under 18 Men’s Beach Soccer selection for the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas.

Sessions will take place in Trinidad at Saith Park, Chaguanas  and in Tobago at Heritage Park, Turtle Beach from 9am on on Saturday April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd.

Interested Players are asked to please submit the follow on the day of screening:

Two passport size pictures
One copy birth paper
One  copy passport and or US visa.

Players must be born in 1999, 2000 or 2001 to be eligible for selection. Players should walk with one red t-shirt and one white t-shirt for the sessions.

The Under 18 initiative is a continuation of the TTFA’s Beach Soccer Programme. The Senior Beach Soccer team recently finished seventh at the CONCACAF Championship in the Bahamas.

Young athletes from 70 nations and territories will experience a Caribbean carnival of Commonwealth connections as the Opening Ceremony of the VIth Commonwealth Youth Games bursts into life. The Bahamas 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games will be the largest international sporting event ever to be hosted in The Bahamas, and the largest-ever edition of the Youth Games, with up to 1300 athletes aged 14-18 set to make the most of an inspiring and immersive mix of impactful sporting competition, personal development and new Commonwealth friendships.

Almost all events will be held in the same sporting precinct, the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, which includes the world-class 15,000-seat Thomas A Robinson stadium, host to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Athletics. The sporting action will also reach out to the communities and streets of the island, with the Cycling competition to be held on the streets of New Providence.