Santa Rosa coach Keith Look Loy and his assistant Timothy Rochford will be asked to answer a number of questions by the Disciplinary Committee of the T&T Super League soon, after T&T’s FIFA referee Cecile Hinds yesterday filed a written complaint of verbal abuse by the duo at Sunday’s top of the table clash between Hydro Tech Guaya United and FC Santa Rosa at the Arima Velodrome.

Hinds in a two page document that was copied to David John-Williams- the T&T Football Association president, Wayne Caesar-Head of the Refereeing Department, Joseph Taylor- Chairman of the Referees Committee and Jaggernath Goolcharan, among others, highlighted the alleged abuse she received after an incident in which Santa Rosa striker Rashad Griffith appeared to have collided with the Guaya goalkeeper Shane Mattis on his way to goal.

Hinds did not blow for a foul although the collision left Griffith unconscious on the ground.

In her report she said “While Griffith was being treated, Rochford ran on to the field without the referee’s permission, heading directly towards me and not to assist the injured player. Upon arriving he began shouting in a loud aggressive tone while using hand gestures”

He noted that after ordering Rochford off the field of play she later received insults from Look Loy in a loud and aggressive tone. Both Look Loy and Rochford were sent from the bench while Griffith was taken to the nearby Arima Health Facility by ambulance.

Contacted, a furious Look Loy said if Hinds was abused it was because she endangered the life of a player. He made it clear the video evidence is there for all to see and further lashed out at the referee for her lack of concern for a player whose life was at risk due to the failure by her to do her job properly and protect players while on the field of play.

“Griffith left the field unconscious and got up in the hospital. We are talking about someone’s life here and if he had died it would have been another story.