When Guaya United raised the T&T Super League trophy on Tuesday night, it was the culmination of a season of tension, struggles, and rebounding that ultimately led to joy. When the team was stunned 5-3 in Tobago against 1976 Phoenix FC, captain Glenton Wolfe admitted doubt seeped in, and the players were left distraught.

“We had to get our act together, which we did. We came back together and spoke about it, and we came out [in the final game] and we got the job done… We know we had to get the job done and whatever happens in the next game happens, but we just wanted to give it our best shot,” Wolfe said.

Having heard the result that FC Santa Rosa was beaten 1-0 by UTT, Wolfe was left speechless but filled with emotion. This was his first season in the Super League and he found it to be challenging. He was part of a carefully assembled squad by coach Ron La Forest.

“When we started in May, the players were jittery about what we were looking to do and we were looking to achieve. In May, when I put them together, I tried to gel them as a family… so here we are today, victorious, and I personally want to thank the players for a wonderful season,” the Guaya coach told the media.

What makes Guaya United’s success even bigger is that this is a team in the deep parts of south Trinidad, from a place on the island known for oil and gas. This predominantly community side went to some of the big towns across the country and left its mark. In talking to the media at the trophy presentation on Tuesday night, the captain, coach and sponsor all echoed similar statements, the community was as responsible for the success of this team as were the players.

La Forest said, “The community is like a 12th person and also like the coaches. The community has played a great part in where we are at today.”

Hydro Tech Limited Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Lynch, said, “What we’ve done is taken these diamonds and put them in front of the whole nation and shown what Guaya could produce and what we could do as a community to bring back hope.” Lynch has all but assured Hydro tech will continue to support the community club, as it now aims to build a formidable reputation.

Originally published in the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian