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SSFL top girls & boys all-star teams

With Inshan "Flex" Mohammed.

All Star Teams and Top Honours

2013 Male All Star Team

Goalkeepers: Romario Romain (St Augustine Secondary), Kevin John (Princes Town West Secondary).

Defenders: Rasheed Hyacinth (St Mary’s College), LeeLand Archer (Fatima College), Brian De Verteuil (El Dorado West Secondary), Anderson Toussaint (Princes Town West Secondary), Peter Jeffrey (Trinity College, East).

Midfielders: Levi Garcia (Shiva Boys), Brandon Benjamin (Speyside High), Dominic Jangoo (Fatima College), Shannon Gomes (St Augustine Secondary), Yohance Alexander, Brandon Creed (Fatima College), Tristan Hodges (St Augustine Secondary).

Forwards: Ricardo John (St Augustine Secondary, Shackiel Henry (Presentation, S’do), Jordon Devonish (St Augustine Secondary), Akil Campbell (East Mucurapo Secondary).

2013 Female All Star Team

Goalkeepers: Tenile Charles (Fyzabad Secondary), Amira Prince (San Juan North Secondary) 

Defenders: Shanelee Govia (Tranquility Secondary), Aquila Noel (San Juan North Secondary), Nikita John (St Augustine Secondary), Tiffany Richard (Toco Secondary), Akia Gibbs-Waldron (Fyzabad Secondary).

Midfielders: Naomie Guerra (St Augustine Secondary), Celeste Thomas (St Augustine Secondary), Kedie Johnson (St Augustine Secondary), Cherese Roberts (Scarborough Secondary), Mia Matouk (St Joseph Convent, POS), Demi Gueverra (St George’s College).

Forwards: Laurelle Theodore (St Augustine Secondary), Chrystal Taylor (Bishops High School -Tobago), Lily Stauble (St Joseph Convent, POS), Brittany Prescott (San Juan North Secondary), Aaliyah Charles (Scarborough Secondary).

2013 Male Player of the year

Ricardo John (St Augustine Secondary)

2013 Female Player of the year

Naomie Guerra (St Augstine Secondary)

2013 Top 5 Female Players of the year

Nikita John (St Augustine Secondary)
Naomie Guerra (St Augustine Secondary)
Laurelle Theodore (St Augustine Secondary)
Aquila Noel (San Juan Secondary)
Shaunelle Govia (Tranquility Secondary)

2013 Top 5 Male Players of the year

Ricardo John (St Augustine Secondary)
Shannon Gomez (St Augustine Secondary)
Rasheed Hyacinth (St Mary’s College)
Shackiel Henry (Presentation College, S’do)
Dominic Jangoo (Fatima College)

2012 Male All Star Teams

Goalkeepers: Qwesi Weston (Shiva), Kevin Dodds (San Juan North).

Defenders: Kern Alexis (Carapichaima), Kegan Ellis (Pres S/do), Mathiaus Halls (Pres S/do), Triston Hodge (St Augustine), Hakeem Louis (Mason Hall), Jamali Garcia (St Anthony’s).

Midfielders: Yohance Alexander (Pres S/do), Nathaniel Garcia (Shiva Boys), Keane McIvor (St Anthony’s), Akeem Garcia (St Augustine), Shannon Gomez (St Augustine).

Forwards: Shackiel Henry (Pres S/do), Aaqil Campbell (East Mucurapo), Shaquille Holder (Carapichaima), Marcus Gomez, Mikhail Gordon (Scarborough).

2012 SSFL Boys’ Player of the Year:

Qwesi Weston.

2012 Female All Star Teams

Goalkeepers: Natiesha Radgman (Bishop’s, Tobago), Dana Le Platte (Holy Name Convent).

Defenders: Teneisha Cobham (Vessigny), Rinelle Findley (P/Fortin East), Shauntelle Baptiste (Providence), Tiffany Richards (Toco), Chelsea Marie Spence (St Francois).

Midfielders: Maya Matouk (St Joseph’s, POS), Naomi Guerra (St Augustine), Patrice Vincent (Debe), Chelsea Gibbs (St Augustine), Shenelle Arjoon (Debe).

Forwards: Kristen Julien (Bishop’s, Tobago), Khadidra Debisette (Vessigny), Kayla Taylor (Debe), Ashley Mark (Arima North), Celeste Thomas (St Augustine), Chelcy Ralph.

2012 SSFL Female Player of the Year:

Kayla Taylor.

2009 SSFL Top 5 Male Players of the Year.

Jevaughn Vance - St Augustine Senior.
Chad Appoo - St Mary's College.
Daneil Cyrus - El Dorado Senior.
Shahdon Winchester - Naparima College.
Jeroen Blugh - Queens Royal College.

2009 Individual awards:

Player of the Year (Leroy DeLeon award): Jevaughn Vance (St Augustine Sec).

Best Forward (Luciano Woodley award): Shahdon Winchester (Naparima).

Best Midfielder (Russell Latapy award): Jevaughn Vance (St Augustine Sec).

Best Defender (Clayton Morris award): Jeroen Blugh (QRC).

2009 Male All Star Team

Goalkeepers: Raheem Belgrave (St Mary’s), Jamal Francois (St Anthony’s).

Defenders: Dinelle Lopez (St Augustine Sec), Christon Briggs (St Mary’s), Jeroen Blugh (QRC), Jevaughn Ross Russell Jr (Fatima), Brian Hernandez (St Augustine Sec).

Midfielders: Chad Appoo (St Mary’s), Jevaughn Vance (St Augustine Sec), Michael Renaud (Carapichaima Sec), Wesley John (Presentation, San F’do), Daneil Cyrus (El Dorado East).

Forwards: Shahdon Winchester (Naparima), Xavion Navarro (St Augustine Sec), Vernell Ramirez (St Augustine), Malcolm Nedd (Presentation, San F’do), Cordelle Cato (St Anthony’s).

2009 Female All Star Team

Goalkeepers: Linfah Jones (Debe High), Nadia Nunes (Providence Girls’).

Defenders: Karen Forbes (Signal Hill), Stacey Paul (St Augustine Sec), Patresa Meyes (Toco Sec), Stephanie Beam (Debe High).

Midfielders: Tianna Bateau (St Joseph Convent, PoS), Elizabeth Ng Wai (Debe High), Kayla Taylor (Debe High), Melissa Woo Ling (Providence), Camille Charles (Pt Fortin East Sec).

Forwards: Akesiah De La Rosa (Providence), Latalia Benjamin (Roxborough Sec), Minty Cruickshank (Toco Sec), Megan Murray (St Joseph Convent, PoS), Shanice Pierre (San Juan North Sec), Mariah Shade (Debe High).

2008 SSFL Top 5 Male Players of the Year.

Shahdon Winchester (Naparima).
Joevin Jones (Mucurapo).
Kevin Molino (Mucurapo).
Sheldon Bateau (Fatima).
Michael Duff (Mucurapo).

2008 SSFL Top 5 Female Players of the Year.

Stephanie Bean (Debe High).
Tiana Bateau (St Joseph ’s Convent).
Jennel Kisson (St Augustine).
Mariah Shade (Debe High).
Cassey McKenzie (Malick).

2008 Awards:

Most Outstanding Player (Male):

Kevin Molino (Mucurapo).

Most Outstanding Player (Female):

Mariah Shade (Debe High).

2008 All Star Male Team:

GoalKeepers: Rondell Wright (Naparima), Michael Duff (Mucurapo)

Defenders: Akel Bruce (Mucurapo), Joevin Jones (Mucurapo), Tyler Scipio (Presentation San Fernando), Jamal Spencer ( San Juan Senior), Sheldon Bateau (Fatima)

Midfielders: Anthony Paerkins (Naparima), Veer Lakhan-Joseph (St Mary’s), Michael Renaud (Carapachaima), Kevin Molino (Mucurapo), Terrence Clarke (Mucurapo)

Forwards: Shahdon Winchester (Naparima College), Qian Grovesnor (St Anthony’s), Phillip Wickham (Carapachaima), Muta Taylor (Mucurapo), Jerrel Britto (QRC)

2008 All Star Female Team:

Goalkeepers: Dimple Walters (St George’s), Lenfah Jones (Debe High), Chantelle George (St Augustine)

Defenders: Melissa Douglas (Providence), Stephanie Beam (Debe), Tiana Bateau (St Joseph’s), Diamond Hendrickson (Corpus Christi), Cheryl Young (Debe), Stephini Reid (St Augustine), Denisha O’Brien (St Augustine)

Midfields: Melissa Woo Ling (Providence), Jennel Kissoon (St Augustine ), Kayla Taylor (Debe), Kamile degale (St Augustine), Sharice Arthur (St Augustine)

Forwards: Mariah Shade (Debe), Cassey McKenzie (Malick), Stephanie Woo Ling (Providence), Elizabeth Ng Wai (Debe), Patrice Campbell (El Dorado).

2008 SSFL Top 5 Female Players of the Year.

Mariah Shade (Debe High).
Elizabeth Ng Wai (Debe High).
Minty Cruickshank (Toco Sec).
Akeisha De La Rosa (Providence Girls’).
Latalia Benjamin (Roxborough Sec).

2007 SSFL Top 5 Male Players of the Year.

Daniel Joseph - St Augustine Senior.
Elijah Manners - San Juan Sec.
Jamal Gay - El Dorado Senior.
Keston Smith - Naparima College.
Sheldon Bateau - Fatima College.

2007 SSFL Top 5 Female Players of the Year.

Avanelle Isaac - St Augustine Senior.
Anna-Lisa Cummings - St Augustine.
Afiyah Matthias - Malick.
Karyn Forbes - Signal Hill.
Mariah Shade - Debe High.

2007 Male "MVP" Player of the Year.

Elijah Manners - San Juan Senior.

2007 Female "MVP" Player of the Year.

Karyn Forbes - Signal Hill.

2007 Male All-Star Team.


Glenroy Samuel - San Juan Sec.
Joel Johnson - St Augustine Senior.
Kevin Mussio - St Anthony's College.


Isiah Smith - Naparima.
Laython Friday - Toco Composite.
Staron Timothy - El Dorado.
Sheldon Bateau - Fatima College.
Sherrick Hillaire - Naparima.


Anthony Parris - Naparima College.
Akeem Adams - Presentation, Sando.
Elijah Manners - San Juan Secondary.
Keston Smith - Naparima College.
Robert Primus - Malick Senio Comp.


Akeem Marshall - Presentation, Sando.
Daniel Joseph - St Augustine Senior.
Jamal Gay - El Dorado Senior.
Jeffon Cornwall - Carapichaima Senior.

Boys 2007 Reserve All Star Team.


Joseph Baird - Malick Secior Comp.


Brandon Neptune - Naparima College.
Jamaal Spencer - San Juan SC.
Randy Primus - Malick Senior Comp.
Rayshad Griffith - QRC.
Uriah Bentick - St Anthony's.


Jason Joseph - Naparima College.
Kerron Doldron - QRC.
Kaydian Gabriel - Malick Senior Comp.
Mekeil Williams - St. Anthony's.
Nuru Mohammed - El Dorado Senior.


Jerrel Britto - QRC.
Juma Clarence - Presentation, Sando.
Neil Mitchell - San Juan Secondary.
Nigel Wright - Naparima College.
Stephen Knox - Fatima College.

2007 SSFL Girls All Star Team.


Breanna Rajkumar - St Joseph's Convent, POS.
Shantelle Roberts - Malick SC.


Anna-Lisa Cummings - St Augustine Senior.
Diamond Henderson - Malick SC.
Jameliah Layne - Malick SC. 
Karyn Forbes - Signal Hill.
Stephanie Beam - Debe High.
Tiana Bateau - St Joseph's Convent, POS.


Avanelle Isaac - St Augustine Senior.
Afiyah Matthias - Malick SC.
Lyndsey Murray - Providence Girls.
Sherrelle Young - Debe High.
Stephanie Woo Ling - Providence Girls.
Yosha Jacob - Toco Composite.


Cassey McKenzie - Malick SC.
Jamila Murphy - Corpus Christi College.
Mariah Shade - Debe High.
Shantel Superville - Blanchisseuse.

2006 MVP Male Player of the Year.

Elton John - St Augustine Senior.

2006 MVP Female Player of the Year.

Avanell Isaac - St Augustine Senior.

2006 Male All-Star Team.


Adrian Foncette - Fatima College.
Akini Adams - Presentation - Sando.


Sheldon Bateau - Fatima College.
Sherrick Hillaire - Naparima College.
Glynn Franklin - St Augustine SC.
Stephan Chang - St Augustine SC.
Joel Russell - San Juan SC.
Gyasi Joyce - St Augustine SC.


Elijah Manners - San Juan SC.
Khaleem Hyland - Mucurapo SC.
Elton John - St Augustine SC.
Ryan O'Neal - St Augustine SC.
Kareem Beckles - Carapichaima.


Ricardo Peltier - Mucurapo SC.
Kevon Piper - Mucurapo SC.
Jevon Morris - Fatima College.
Daniel Joseph - St Augustine SC.

2006 Female All-Star Team.


Nicole Walker (Arima SC).
Latisha McAllister (St Augustine SC).


Stevie-Ann Patrick (Corpus Christi).
Karyn Forbes (Signal Hill SC).
Annalis Cummings (St Augustine SC).
Stephanie Beam (Debe High).
Chinaka Springer (Providence High).


Talisha Vire (Providence Girls' High).
Lyndsey Murray (Providence High).
Avanell Isaac (St Augustine SC).
Nika Fiddler (Pleasantville SC).
Renatia Ashby (Carapichaima SC).


Ashley Quashie (Corpus Christi).
Bianca Walker (St Joseph's Convent).
Denisha O'Brien (St Augustine SC).
Onella Lewis (Point Fortin/Holy Name).
Shadelle Stubbs (St George's College).

2005 SSFL Top 5 Male Players of the Year.

Machel James (Fatima).
Elton John (St Augustine SC).
Emmanuel Joseph (Fatima).
Makesi Lewis (Fatima).
Akeil De Freitas (St Anthony’s).

2005 All-Star Male Team.


Adrian Foncette (Fatima).
Leston Shade (Naparima).


Machel James (Fatima).
Kevin De Verteuil (Naparima).
Corneal Thomas (Mucurapo).
Sean Bateau (Fatima).
Dwayne James (St Anthony’s).


Keston Henry (El Dorado SC).
Elton John (St Augustine SC).
Javed Mohammed (Naparima).
Richard Roy (Mucurapo SC).
Emmanuel Joseph (Fatima).


Elijah Manners (San Juan SC).
Makesi Lewis (Fatima).
Adisa Connell (Naparima).
Shastri Spencer (St Augustine SC).
Akeil De Freitas (St Anthony’s).

2005 SSFL Top 5 Female Players of the Year.

Tricia Lawrence (St George’s).
Ayanna Russell (El Dorado Sen).
Ashley Alonzo (Providence).
Lindsay Murray (Providence).
Dernelle Mascall (Moruga Composite).

2005 All-Star Female Team.


Isis Elcock (Union/Claxton Bay).
Tricia Lawrence (St George’s).


Ayana Lum York (Providence Girls).
Ayanna Russell (El Dorado Sen).
Patrice Superville (Pleasantville SC).
Merlin Blackford (St Augustine Sen).
Tyanna Jan (St Joseph Convent PoS).


Ashley Alonzo (Providence).
Talisa Vire (Providence).
Lindsay Murray (Providence).
Dernelle Mascall (Moruga Composite).
Tamar Watson (Pleasantville SC).


Bianca Walker (Convent (PoS).
Vhenice Frederick (St Augustine).
Shen O’kefe (Pt Fortin SC).
Ashley Alonzo (Providence).

2005 Top 4 Coaches of the Year.

Richard Hood - (Providence).
Trevor Spice - (El Dorado SC).
Kirtwin Baird - (Naparima Collage).
Keith Kirton - (Couva Junior Sec).

2004 Top 5 Male Players of the Year.

Yohance Marshall (St Anthony's).
Kevon Neaves (St Anthony's).
Ataullah Guerra (Mucurapo).
Hayden Tinto (Malick).
Shane Calderon (St Augustine).

2004 All-Star Male Team.


Nigel Parris (St Augustine).
Bevon Francois (Hillview).


Dezi Lara (Naparima).
Jesse Martinez (St Augustine).
Kareem Freitas (St Anthony's).
Irvin Rullow (Mucurapo).


Kevon Neaves (St Anthony's).
Ataullah Guerra (Mucurapo).
Javed Mohammed (Naparima).
Mathew Ramirez (St Augustine).
Terryl Elwin (San Juan).


Shane Calderon (St Augustine).
Hayden Tinto (Malick).
Akil De Freitas (St Anthony's).
Shastri Spencer (St Augustine).
Richard Roy (Mucurapo).

2004 All-Star Female Team.


Nadia Nunes (Providence).
Tricia Lawrence (St George's).


Anastacia Prescott (Malick).
Candace Brewster (St George's).
Krystal Rose (Providence).
Ayanna Russell (El Dorado).
Sabrina Frederick (Malick).


Afiya Castle (Malick).
Niasha Reyes (Malick).
Dernell Mascall (Moruga).
Aveann Douglas (St George's).
Kermica Alexander (Arima).


Danielle Douglas (Malick).
Bianca Walker (St Joseph Convent).
Arielle Ramchand-Du Quesnay (St Augustine).
Cecile Hinds (Pleasantville).
Ashley Alonzo (Providence).

Special Recognition (Female):


Kristal Second (Malick).
Shanice Headley (Corpus Christi).


Sandi Agard (St George's).


Shelly Griffith (Holy Name Pt Fortin).
Nneka Garcia (St George's).

2004 Top 4 Coaches:

Male Teams:

Glenford Thomas (Central Zone).
Michael Grayson (East Zone).
Howard Spencer (South Zone).
Selris Figaro (North Zone).

Female Teams:

Stephen Smart (North Zone).
George Valentine (East Zone).
Curtis Sylvester (South Zone).

2003 All-Star Male Team.


Thorne Holder (QRC).
Declan Squires (Fatima).


Real Didier (Arima SC).
Christopher James (Arima SC).
Keegan Mills (Scarborough).
Ancil Farrier (Naparima).
Yohance Marshall (St Anthony’s).


Kevon Neaves (St Anthony’s).
Julius James (St Anthony’s).
Jammiel Smith (Arima SC).
Kezi Lara (Naparima).
Keon Daniel (Signal Hill).


Lyndon Luke (P/Town).
Gorian Highley (Arima SC).
Atiba Forde (Naparima).
Andy Haghley (Mayaro).
Shane Calderon (St Augustine).

2003 Male All-Star Second Team.


Kegan Davidson (St Anthony's).
Devon Thomas (St Augustine).


Patrick Winchester (Scarborough).
Kareem DeFreitas (St Anthony's).
Jesse Martinez (Arima).
Lyndel Pompey (Naparima).
Carlon Roberts (Mayaro).


Jason Devenish (QRC).
Brenton DeLeon (Naparima).
Clevon George (St Anthony's).
Devon King (Arima).
Josimar Belgrave (Fatima).


Dorean Daniel (Arima).
Kern Robinson (Naparima).
Simba Aberdeen (QRC).
Abiola Sandy (St Anthony's).
Devon Draton (St Benedict's).

2003 Female All Star Team.


Kelly-Ann Forderingham (D/Martin).
Gail-Ann Thomas (Toco).


Nadia James (Malick SC).
Ayanna Russell (El Dorado).
Katrina Meyer (Holy Name Convent POS).
Kimi Forrester (Moruga).
Chantel Regis (D/Martin).


Dernelle Mascall (Moruga).
Niasha Reyes (Malick SC).
Anastassia Prescott (Malick).
Afiya Castle (Malick SC).
Kenya Cordner (Signal Hill).


Tenekar Alexander (Malick).
Avianne Douglas (St George’s).
Maylee Attin-Johnson (D/Martin).
Julie Lorraine (Moruga).
Ashya Gibbons (Malick SC).

2003 Top 5 Male Players of the Year.

Thorne Holder (QRC).
Julius James (St Anthony's).
Kevon Neaves (St Anthony's).
Keon Daniel (Signal Hill).
Gorian Highley (Arima).

2003 Top 5 Female Players of the Year.

Anastasia Prescott (Malick).
Nadia James (Malick).
Maylee Attin-Johnson (D/Martin).
Aveanne Douglas (St George's).
Gail Ann Thomas (Toco).