NEW TECHNICAL director of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, Anton Corneal, has indicated his readiness to undertake challenges associated with the highly scrutinised role and to outline key assignments critical to his tenure.

The appointment, scheduled for a four-year period, approved by the Executive Committee of the TTFF last Thursday, commences with Corneal leading a key role in the TTFF Elite Coaches Symposium at 9 am from January 15-17 at the Media Work Room, Larry Gomes Stadium.

Corneal will be the focal point of the National Technical Programme, working alongside the coaches of the various national team units and within the local club/school setup.

Several highly respected and regarded coaches, from both the Men’s and Women’s teams, will partake in the symposium as the TTFF embarks on establishing a pool of coaches with the objective of identifying, distinguishing and analysing the direction that TT football needs to head in under the stead of these coaches.

The mantle of instruction will also be shared by Edgar Vidale, Neville Chance and Alvin Corneal in the workshop. Notable invitees are current joint interim national team coaches, Angus Eve and Hutson Charles; as well the likes of former national stars in Clint Marcelle, Dale Saunders, Mike McComie, Ross Russell, Anthony Rougier and Clayton Morris.

In compliance with FIFA’s outline, Corneal will be charged with elevating the profile and improving the image of the role that local coaches are held responsible for. Emphasis will be placed on clubs’ obligation to install and utilise certified coaches; implementing national coaching licensing programmes (already ongoing through the ‘C’ license course) and implementing a national talent identification and scouting system. Other facets to be managed and executed include organising seminars involving distinct international game analysis, fitness and goalkeeping courses; regulation checks on academies, clubs (private inclusive); coach education and development; as well as annual refresher’s courses.

Focus is also to be maintained on establishing elite training centres and facilities to ensure appropriate training of young, talented players coming up in the ranks and shepherding the best players in at national, regional and club levels.

The programme also has on its mandate the ushering in and progression of primary school football and other youth movements as the youth levels are incorporated into more developed football activities.

On the expansive manifesto set out, Corneal divulged, “It’s a lot of work based on the outline but it’s not something that is new to me. Actually, we have some of these things already in place and it’s a matter of carrying it out in the right form or manner that will allow us to improve on what there is at the moment.”

Rounding out the roster of coaches and ex-players invited are Derek King, Sean Cooper, Terrance Marcelle, Philbert Jones, Kevin Jeffery, Anthony Streete, Stuart Charles, Leonson Lewis, Terrance Williams, Brian Williams, Dion La Foucade, Marlon Charles, Richard Hood, Izler Browne, Stephan De Four, Rajesh Latchoo and Peter Pierre.