Wed, Jul


Former National Team captain and recent Under 17 head coach Russell Latapy is upbeat about the recent revelations by the TTFA to implement its new National Elite Youth Development Programme.

And the former Boavista and Glasgow Rangers man is anticipating the actioning of this massive project that will see focus being placed on the Under 13 age groups for national teams coming up through the ranks prior to the senior level.

“I am absolutely delighted about this. It has always been my feeling that we have a lot of knowledge here and talent and we needed to give more direction and nurturing towards this talent both for players and coaches. And I think a program like this affords us that opportunity,” Latapy said.

“My incentive has always been being able to help the younger ones, to give guidance and pass on my knowledge and I am happy we will be getting the opportunity to do so in what is a bit of an easier way now with the project. I am fired about that”

Latapy continued: “It is an opportunity to give a lot of young men that chance to do something with their lives and to help their parents, their families. It has a to be a program that would need to be well organised because there are a lot of kids in this country playing football. And we need it to be continuous. I congratulate the Association and NLCB for their vision.”