Ivor Hart

Ivor Hart NicknameLion in the Cage
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Trinidad & Tobago
Caps/Goals9    ( 0 goals)
Last ClubMaple
Previous ClubsEverton
SchoolsQueen's Royal College

He was called "The Lion in the Cage" and in his day he made goal-keeping a fine art and a spectacular ingredient of football. Fans went to see him save, youngsters copied his style, and forwards were often frustrated by his amazing leaps and dives that invariably robbed then of almost certain goals. That's but an infinite look back on Ivor Hart, who was the outstanding goal keeper in Trinidad in the late 1920's and early 1930's; a man of fine physique and strength, of remarkable agility and courage.

As a boy at Queen's Royal College, Hart showed excellent qualities at all sports and like schoolboys of the day, played everything he knew. But it was as goalkeeper he made his name. He joined the superb Maple team of the 1920's that boasted of the brilliant forward line, which represented Trinidad. With the amazing Hart in goal, Maple posed a stern proposition for all opponents. Hart's escapades between the uprights gave football fans a great deal to remember, and even to this day some of his saves bring back exciting memories to those who watched him.

It was an era when Maple and Everton were great rivals, both teams gaining the majority of players in the national side, Maple the forwards and Everton the defencemen. It was a surprise to many when Hart moved over to Everton in the 1930's and continued to display his remarkable skills as a goalkeeper. It was then that Maple's great players really found out how outstanding a goalie he was. Hart was also a fine cricketer and had good scores while at college and after he left school But it was as "The Lion in the Cage" that he made his mark for two of the best teams in Trinidad's football history.

Honors for Ivor
  • Inducted into Trinidad & Tobago's Sports Hall of Fame in 1984