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MARVIN ANDREWS will continue to be picked for Rangers - until his knee injury is too much to bear.

The big Trinidadian defender played the first 45 minutes of the reserves' 1-1 draw with Hibs at Broadwood last night.

Andrews is defying medical advice, that he needs immediate surgery, by playing on after damaging the cruciate ligament in his left knee against Dundee on March 13.

But bar an eighth-minute scare, when he landed heavily after an aerial challenge, he had no problems during his run-out.

He slipped out a side door and left without commenting on his shock course of action.

But Rangers No.2 Andy Watson, who looked on from the stand, said: "The player has seen a specialist along with the club doctor. He is fully aware of everything that is wrong with his knee, and has taken the decision to play on with it.

"The player is fully aware of all the medical advice. It has been explained in technical terms, and in layman's terms.

"Until such times that Marvin decides that he's having a problem with it, or that we feel that he's not at the level he was playing at, then we go along with Marvin's decision and choice.

"This season he's been a real stalwart for us. He has done really well for us.

"We are only too glad to have him for the run-in to the league championship."

Andrews has been told that the injury could possibly become career-threatening if he does not get immediate surgery.

But the devout Christian and faith healer believes a greater power can help him through the last eight games of the season.

Watson added: "He has been training constantly both in the gym and on the training ground.

"Marvin did what we asked of him by playing 45 minutes last night. That was always the target and we took the decision to take him off.

"Just now, Marvin is fit and available for selection."

Watson knows that Andrews has his strong beliefs, and admits that his decision to soldier on says a lot about the man who was signed from Livingston on a free transfer last summer.

"It says everything about him," Watson said. "He's got a fantastic will, faith and self-belief. Who's to say it's the wrong decision?

"He's a big, strong player anyway. Marvin wears his heart on his sleeve.

"Marvin has got a faith, a belief, in his greater power so hopefully that can stand him in good stead."

It is also understood that Andrews has agreed to accept all liability after Rangers informed him of the insurance issues should he go against medical advice.