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Kevan GeorgeTobago-born defensive midfielder Kevan George has been selected by MLS team Columbus Crew as the 29th pick of the 2012 MLS Super-Draft.

George, 21, was born in Roxborough and began his career at the tender age of 8 with St Clair Coaching School. He then played for Roxborough Anglican and Bishop High from 2001 - 2002 before migrating to the U.S.

At age 12, Kevan left Tobago with his parents Rhonda and Meryvn George, as well as his older brother Bjorn in pursuit of the American dream.

This journey to a foreign place was not an easy one, but one that would prove to be worth the while. Living in the United States Kevan played club football at Concorde Fire where he created a name for himself and established enough recognition to land him a four year scholarship at the University of Central Florida.

His impact there was immediate. He made first Team All Conference USA for three consecutive years and as the captain, led his team to its most successful season in the school's history, in making it to the second round in the NCAA tournament.

Although Kevan and his teammates aspired to propel themselves further in the tournament, their efforts still bore its fruits. Kevan and his teammate Warren Creavalle were highly scouted by many MLS teams around the country.

On January 12, 2012, Kevan and his teammate Warren were drafted to partake in the MLS combine. Kevan, who held down the holding midfielder role quite well during the combine did good enough to have caught the eye of a few MLS teams but was eventually drafted by the Columbus Crew, a prestigious team located in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Crew are no strangers when it comes to players from Trinidad and Tobago with; Andrei Pacheco, Tobagonian defender Kevin Adams, Ansil Elcock, Cornell Glen and off course Club legend Stern John all once played their trades at the club.

The ‘Crew’ as they are known will see two T&T players line-up for them in the new 2012 season. The Club's 2011 "Defender Of The Year" Julius James is there in his second year while another untapped talent, Kevan George, is about to make his way up the professional ranks.

He has now set his sights on helping his new club to win a championship, and was recently invited to the Trinidad and Tobago national Under 23 team for a trial in their quest to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in the United Kingdom.

Kevan is all up for the task and told the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) that he is very excited to have gotten a T&T call-up and is eagerly awaiting the chance to help his country if picked. And if all goes well for George he could very well make his T&T U-23 debut in-front of his home town as the U-23 team is scheduled to play a touring Finland national senior team on January 25th at the Dwight Yorke Stadium.

Something which may have started 9-years ago as a dream has now become a reality, and George is finally starting to live the life he once dreamt about.

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