Dwight Yorke discussing coachingAs far as choosing a sounding board for coaching and management, Dwight Yorke could have done worse than selecting Sir Alex Ferguson.

The former Aston Villa and Manchester United forward, currently studying for his UEFA A Licence, has revealed that the former Old Trafford supremo has always made time to help him along his coaching journey.

However, the 41-year-old recognises that there is a changing of the guard in management circles and that many clubs now desire young and progressive coaches and managers.

He said: “Clubs are looking for younger managers coming through because it is a cycle; Sir Alex and others are coming out the picture a little bit now and it is about young managers coming through.

“The game has also changed from 20 years ago to where it is now, so the boys who are now coming out of the game have a wealth of knowledge and it is all about opportunities.

“It is all about whether someone is prepared to give you that opportunity to really make an impact with your knowledge and what you have achieved over the years.”

Yorke played at the top level of English football for the best part of 20 years, the former Trinidad and Tobago captain briefly leaving for a spell at Australian club, Sydney FC in the 2005-06 season.

And the Manchester United treble-winner believes his time at Old Trafford along with his other experiences in the game will now allow him to follow his own path.

He added: “I have got a lot of experience from Sir Alex Ferguson and an insight into what he was like personally; even to this day I am very grateful that up until his retirement I was very much involved with seeing him and getting knowledge from him.

“I would think you take bits from everybody, incorporate that with your understanding and knowledge of the game. As Sir Alex always said: ‘you have to be you’ to install that confidence in the players and make them understand that this is your philosophy, how you hope to see things fit and hopefully that will put you in good stead.”

The trademark smile and silky skills which Yorke used to illuminate the Premier League were all on show during the practical sessions on last week’s A Licence course. However, the smiling exterior shouldn’t be mistaken.

Yorke has a determination to succeed on the course and in management, a message he underlines throughout.

He explained: “I am not doing it just to say I have actually got the badge. There’s a purpose behind doing it.

"If I wasn’t interested in being a manager, I wouldn’t be here at The FA headquarters doing my A Licence at this present time. My full intention is to be a manager one day.”