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Dwight Yorke during a skills session with some of Manchester United young female players on the Apollo kick pitch at Old Trafford.

Footballing legend Dwight Yorke returned to Old Trafford - to coach a group of young female footballers.

The former United star turned up at the kick-pitch by the stadium to encourage the girls who play for Manchester United to keep enjoying their sport - and to see the work of the club’s charity, the Manchester United Foundation.

He spoke to them about what it takes to become a professional and showed them some top tips.

Yorke, who also played for Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers, took part in a skills session run by the Foundation and proved he hadn’t lost any of his own ability when he showed the all-girls team how to score the perfect goal.

He said: “I’ve come along to give a little football session to the young girls to encourage them to play the game. I’ll be showing them the fundamentals and the basics of the game as well as what it takes to be a professional.

“I’ve loved the experience and I’ve loved the idea of me being here at the Foundation. I’ll be showing the girls one or two things that will hopefully take them forward in the game they love.”

Yorke also spoke about the upcoming Legends Game on Sunday, 14 June, which sees some of football’s most famous faces go head-to-head in a historic match between Manchester United Legends vs Bayern Munich Allstars.

Speaking about the Legends Game, he said: “It’s going to be a fantastic occasion against one of the world’s greatest teams Bayern Munich. It’s an occasion that you don’t want to miss.”

Tickets for the match are available at