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When Orlando City star Kaká tucked away his penalty kick in the 56th minute of Orlando City’s 4-0 win over the L.A. Galaxy on Sunday, the Brazilian star ran to his sideline and slipped on the jersey of Lions’ midfielder Kevin Molino.

Kaká then held up the purple No. 18 shirt, an ode to a teammate who was lost for the season when he tore his ACL in a friendly against Ponte Preta on May 2.

The celebration earned Kaká a yellow card, but it was well worth the price.

“I think it’s a tough period for Kevin,” Kaká said. “I’ve been in this situation in the past, so I know how hard it is. It’s a long period, the team needs to be with him now, everyone needs to be together, because he’s going to help us a lot next year. This period now, we need to help him.”

Molino reacted on his Instagram page, posting a photo of the celebration and captioning the photo: "No words."