Midfielder Kevin Molino is progressing with his recovery from a serious ACL injury and subsequent surgery in May.

Reports are that the Orlando City player will resume field training in December. He will return to the training field to begin running in a straight line and working on his touches.

He is on a strict rehab programme working daily with a personal trainer as well as the medical staff at Orlando City. He is running in the gym and is undergoing heavy weight training. Word is he is likely to receive clearance from Orlando to return to play in January but it could be a bit longer depending on his progress.

“It’s been coming along well but it has been frustrating at times. I have to be patient but missing games and seeing my teammates on the national team and the club take the field is not something any player likes,” Molino said.

“But I will not rush this process. The most important thing is to get back fully fit and healthy.

“Right now I’m excited to see the progress of the national team, I’ve followed all the games and I’m in touch with the players regularly. That helps to keep my spirit up. I’ll be back with them in a few months.”