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National Senior Team midfielder Jomal Williams has signed his first overseas contract after securing a move to join Mexican Ascenso MX club Murcielagos FC where he will team up with fellow countryman Yohance Marshall.

Williams will also team up with one his DirecTV W Connection teammates Shahdon Winchester who was also unveiled today by Murcielagos as one of their new signings.

Williams, back home from the recent three-match international tour with the Men’s Senior Team, is awaiting his work permit before heading over to join the club which is based in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

The former National Under 23, Under 20 and Under 17 player is coming off his first international goal in the recent 3-1 defeat to Uruguay in Montevideo.

“This is a great feeling and a sense of satisfaction for me on getting my first overseas contract. Every player dreams of playing professionally in a foreign league and I believe Mexico is a rich football country which can help me develop my game even more at this stage,” Williams told TTFA Media.

“My immediate goal will be to try and help the club get promoted. I wish to thank them for this opportunity to play in Mexico and I also want to thank W Connection for the chance to play professionally here in Trinidad and for their support since I have been at the club.

“My bit of advice to the other players, especially the younger ones, is to keep believing in your dreams, keep working hard and never give up on trying to achieve greatness.”

The 22-year-old Williams also wished the Connection team well in their upcoming CONCACAF Champions League campaign which begins in August.

Williams who hails from Old St Joseph Road, East Port of Spain, named Russell Latapy and Kevin Molino as the two players from Trinidad and Tobago which he looks up to.

“Latapy and Kevin (Molino) are the two players I would say I try to pattern my game by and who I look up to. My favourite player on the world stage is Cristiano Ronaldo. And the coaches I would like to make special mention of are ‘Dada’ (Anthony Wickham) and coachman (Stuart Charles Fevrier) for their roles in my career so far.

‘This is a new chapter in my career. I would like to say thanks to coach Hart for bringing me in to the national team as well and presenting an opportunity to me. Hopefully I can continue making the rise and be able to play a strong role for the team in the remaining World Cup qualifiers,” Williams concluded.

Things to Know

  • The Ascenso MX is the second professional level of the Mexican football league system.
  • Former W Connection and T&T Youth player Jerrel Britto plays for Murcielagos in the Segunda División de México which is the third level of professional football in Mexico.
  • Murciélagos FC broadcast their live games every Friday Nights at 10:00pm central time in Mexico on the most interactive page of Mexican football. Games are also aired also by television.
  • In January 23, 2010 Murciélagos made history for being the first team in the world to allow its fans to vote through the Web for their starting line up, supported by FIFA. The game was won by Murciélagos 1–0 to Vaqueros de Tepic of the premier league of the second division.
  • Jomal was being monitored by Costa Rican champion club Deportivo Saprissa, club of T&T defender Aubrey David.
  • Jomal is the sixth overseas player on the club’s roster. He joins three players from Uruguay, another from Argentina and T&T’s Marshall.
  • Former Argentina player Ruben Ayala, who played in the 1974 World Cup, was the head coach of Murcielagos in 2012.