Jones says sub role suiting him at Atlanta.

Kenwyne Jones has been hailed as a key contributor to Atlanta United in its recent MLS outings with Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC with his ability to come off the bench and be a target for the midfielders and defenders to hit with direct balls.

Jones, at 32, told reporters he is in fact comfortable to playing his part, even if it means coming on with the final ten to play.

“It’s something that you need to do if the game requires it. Sometimes the way the game is set up you might need to start getting in behind teams or probably holding the ball up so you can keep possession more and at least give your team a little bit of a hold on the game,” Jones said.

“You just have to prepare to do the job required. Whether you play 90 minutes or play five minutes you have to just focus and carry out your functions. I’ve been with quite a few different football coaches. I don’t think I have any adjusting to do.

“At the end of the day, I’m 32, I’ve had a long career so far. I’ve already motivated myself as a player. I’m not a player that’s fresh and trying to learn the game so I think it’s pretty easy for me to carry out the instructions that are necessary,”added Jones who also put in two solid shifts for T&T in recent World Cup qualifiers with Panama and Mexico and is again expected to be in the squad for the August qualifiers against the US and Costa Rica.