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Atlanta United have been on the road for five of the seven matches played so far this season. A great scenario for building team chemistry but not ideal for acclimating to a new home. Kenwyne Jones, having traveled to Atlanta throughout his career for competitions like the Gold Cup, said it’s simple. We need more time here.

“To be quite honest I haven't had a lot of time to adjust, seeing that from preseason to international games to our recent travels, it’s been a little bit difficult. But from the little time I’ve had it’s been very nice. Atlanta is a very interesting place,” said Jones.

During his short time in Atlanta, Jones has been able to discover a few unique places in the city including the popular, Top Golf.

“A few times I’ve been to places like Top Golf, a few restaurants around the city,” said Jones. “I have quite a few friends out here, people I went to school with, so I have some people to go places with.”

While this may be a great starting point for Jones, he still has plenty to explore, but the site-seeing wasn't the only reason Jones was excited for the move.

“I’ve been a traveler for almost half of my life, I’ve been to Atlanta a couple of times in the Gold Cup tournaments but moving here was exciting: a new team, the history that goes along with that, and a plus is I am closer to home,” said Jones.

Atlanta United have been dealing with a lot of adjustment as a new expansion team, but you wouldn’t be able to tell judging from their performance together on the pitch. Getting to know the city will happen in due time, but for now, having an avid fan base like Atlanta has proven a major factor in making them feel right at home.

“I think the people of Atlanta, Georgia by extension, have been very welcoming. I’ve seen in the past on other MLS teams how fans receive their players and support the club, I didn’t expect what we’ve received here,” said Jones.

Accompanied by the fan’s raving support, the team will continue to feel the welcoming spirits, especially when they play in the fortress of their home.

“For the fans to be so supportive and so in-tune with the team is quite amazing,” Jones remarked. “To see the home crowd is amazing for me personally, and I hope it doesn’t die down. I hope that we always have full support throughout this season and seasons to come.”

Jones and his teammates will have plenty of time to get to know Atlanta, but what he knows in this very moment is that the people of Atlanta are setting the bar very high in regards to league support.

“I know the people of Atlanta are very excited about our team and I hope this franchise can set the bar for fan support for years and years to come,” said Jones.

Atlanta United are currently enjoying a week at home in the ATL following a four-match road stretch in the last month. So this Sunday’s sold out match in Bobby Dodd Stadium against D.C. United will act as a “homecoming” for a team that is just seven games into its inaugural season.