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The Queen's Park T&T look alike flag on display at one of the club's matches.

An Amateur club in England has adopted a flag carrying the design of the National flag of T&T as its official club flag.

Queen’s Park Athletic, based in Bournemouth, Dorset and established in 1935, plays in the in the Bournemouth Hayward Saturday League Division 1 and is considered one of Bournemouth’s oldest and most well known grassroots clubs.

Club chairman Ben Scott revealed that the club colours since its inception are similar to that of T&T and he grew up being a huge fan of Shaka Hislop.

“I chose the T&T flag for a few reasons. I am firstly a big supporter of West Ham United. My favourite player growing up was Shaka Hislop and I have followed his career since 1998,” Scott said.

“Secondly, the Red, Black and White colours have been our clubs colours since our formation in 1935 and I wanted to find a flag that best matched them. After researching the history of the flag and the symbolisation of the colours- courage, dedication, purity & equality, I decided to adopt the flag to represent our club as we share the same values.

“Through my research, I also found out more about the scenery, wildlife, architecture, sporting history, culture and music of T&T and have fallen in love with your beautiful islands,” Scott continued.

The flag was also flown at a charity match held by the club to raise funds for Macmillan Caring Locally, a cancer charity based at Christchurch Hospital, Dorset.