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RR: The season after we got promoted, you pulled up with injury against Birmingham and spent months out. You returned against Derby only to suffer a broken leg. You were out for six months in total. How frustrating was that season for you?

CE: They gave me a timescale to come back from the first injury and in my first training session I pulled up. I think Roy started getting frustrated too. He sent me to a specialist in Finland. The specialist said it would of done more harm than good if they operated on it viagra on line .

Eventually I got back and then broke my leg. It just felt like I never really got started that year. It was really hard because I was really looking forward to the season .

As a player you can’t dwell on it though, you just have to keep working hard - but I don’t think I came back the same player as before. Thing didn’t work out the way I wanted them to that year. It was a real kick in the face to be honest with you .

RR: Why do you think it went wrong the season after? Was it the players we brought in?

CE: I think at the time, in my opinion, the club didn’t seem in the best state as we hadn’t really had such a good season the year before, although we had stayed up Canadian Pharmacies .

Roy brought in some players but they were bad eggs. Their attitude, their approach to the game, training - everything. There were too many egos in the dressing room at once. Roy brought in players he thought he could mould into better players, better individuals - but he couldn’t control them. It went tits up and he had enough .

Northampton in the cup game he kicked over the tactics board. He went absolutely mental. He was really angry! I don’t think Jet Li would have done a better kung fu kick than that! Yorkie put that in his biography as you know generic viagra without a doctor prescription .

RR: What was Djibril Cisse like then?

CE: We all liked Djibril, he was a good guy. He was like a French Roy Keane. You never knew what you were going to get with him. We used to take the mick out of him because of his hair; but he didn’t care - he was just being himself and that’s why we liked him viagra on line no prec .

Canadian Online Pharmacy Others players were just too arrogant though, too self absorbed and not right for that football club. It felt sometimes more like a fashion show than bloody footie!

RR: You got back into the side under Ricky Sbragia and played in the derby game at St. James. What was your personal experience of playing in a derby?

CE: It was my first time at St. James. It’s one of the better derbies I’ve played in, the whole atmosphere and the fans getting at each other. It’s a game that is special .

When Cisse scored we did that celebration together. You’ve just scored against the Geordies, you go mad. You just enjoy it!

I remember getting booed and I just smiled at them; like I always do! I kill people with kindness! You use more muscle to frown than you do to smile!

RR: You ended the season in the team but when Steve Bruce came in he seemed to allow you to go quite easily - were there issues with Bruce or was he completely honest? Any regrets about leaving?

CE: He didn’t give me a chance sildenafil 50 mg prix .

It was down to Niall who had to convince me to go, because I was going to stay and frustrate him - but that wasn’t me, I wasn’t that type of person or player but I just felt I wasn’t given the script fairly. Be honest with me from day one, I would prefer that. I felt I was told one thing, and when the time comes it’s something completely different. If I’m not going to be part of sometime plans, just tell me viagra price .

online pharmacy In the end I had to do what was right for me and my family. I had to move to remain sane and my time had come to end with Sunderland. I would never regret those two and half years at Sunderland though, never.

RR: Do you still speak to the likes of Kenwyne, Dwight and Stern John? How handy was it to have a fellow Trinidadian at the club? CE: It was good. I had never had any Trinidadian’s around for me so long at the other clubs; it was refreshing. We all really got along well. I could talk to them in my Trinidad accent! We all had a good relationship before we were at the club.

Stern John is one of the assistant coaches for one of the clubs I’m associated with here in Trinidad, Kenwyne and I still meet with the national team. We’ve all got a good relationship still cialis 20mg prix en pharmacie .

RR: What are your thoughts on Sunderland currently? With the appointment of Simon Grayson what are you hopes for the club? CE: I’m optimistic. I always remain positive. I don’t think anyone expected us to win the league in 2006/2007 with the way we started. This could be the start of something special. You never know.

viagra pill I don’t know which players are going to be there. I know that some big players have left and it’s going to take a little while. We all know the Championship is hardcore: you can spank a team by five or lose by five a week later. You have to be positive though.

Simon Grayson is going to have a full pre-season and I’m sure he’ll identify players to bring in and go for promotion. I know more than anything that the fans will show the support like they always do . RR: Thanks so much Carlos for taking the time to answer our questions, you're a gentleman. Good luck in the future!