Midland-Odessa Sockers FC player Nathan Regis moved to America from Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 to play college soccer. 

“Initially I was supposed to go to a division one school called Cal State Fullerton, but things didn't work out in terms of letting me know how many credits I had in order to be eligible for NCAA Division I. So that kinda fell through and I was able to contact a couple coaches who knew a couple of coaches and I landed at Pfeiffer University,” explained Regis.  

During his four years at the D-II program in North Carolina, he scored 85 goals. Earning attention from MLS teams. 

But after a knee injury, his soccer career came to a pause, until making his way to Midland.

An opportunity he owes to MOFC coach Luis Rincon. 

But he says has another man to thank for his entire soccer career, his dad who he played pick-up games with at a young age. 

“To even up the side we played on different teams and when I was going against him he played against me like he didn’t know me. That sorta taught me how to be tough and just brought out a love for the game that I can't explain,” said Regis.  

Regis lost his father back in 2004, at the age of 12. 

“My dad was driving his car and four assailants came and tried to take his car away from him and he fought back with them because it wasn't easy getting his car because he didn't give it away and so he tried to fight them with his hands and they shot him and killed him instantly,” said Regis.    

Regis hopes to honor him with his play in Midland this summer, and someday when he accomplishes his ultimate goal of playing professionally. 

SOURCE: NewsWest9.com