It was a good week to be a BOCA Knight. Over the last week, BOCA cemented themselves as the top team in the Western Conference if not the league. In conference play, they were a wrecking ball against Shreveport United in a local derby match by a score of 9-0. Then, in a cross-conference match, they treated Northshore United likewise with a decisive 4-1 win.

No player shined more for BOCA than Quesi Weston. Over two games this past week, Weston scored 3 goals.  For this, Weston was named the Select Player of the Week.

Weston is an alumni of Wiley College and a forward for BOCA. In 4 appearances for BOCA last season, he scored 4 goals. With 3 matches under his belt this season, he is on track to far surpass that pace.

In limited games, Weston proved he may be the key component to the BOCA attack. This year, he hopes to get them over the top and to the GCPL Cup Championship!

SOURCE: gcplsoccer.com