FORMER Glasgow Rangers player Marvin Andrews was in Belfast over the weekend to tell church-goers about his religious faith.

The defender, who now plays with Prime Minister Gordon Brown's favourite team Raith Rovers, told the congregation at Shankill Methodist Church that he believed God had saved his career when he suffered a bad leg injury.

Marvin was launching his DVD in Northern Ireland which tells the story of his conversion to God.

He revealed he had been aboard a plane which was forced to make an emergency landing after the cabin had filled with smoke and believes God averted disaster.

Marvin, who played for Trinidad and Tobago in the last World Cup, said he believed God had a plan for him and for everyone and he wanted to share his experience.

He told the News Letter that when he injured his cruciate ligament doctors wanted to operate but he decided to leave it in the hands of God and the fact that he was still playing was a testament to his faith.

"It's not over until God says it's over and I want to tell people it can be the same for them as well."

Marvin said he was enjoying his time at Raith Rovers and had got to know the Prime Minister.

"It was my first club when I came to Scotland and it's really good to be back.

"The team's doing really well and we are top of the second division.

"It's also good to have the main man in Britain as one of your supporters.

"Gordon Brown's been a supporter since he grew up in Kirkcaldy and he comes into the dressing room and greets all the players, so that's really good."

Marvin revealed Mr Brown played a big part in his return to Raith as the Prime Minister made a personal visit to see him at his church in order to encourage him to sign.

Marvin now combines his football career with youth and church work.