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Trinidad and Tobago defender Yohance Marshall says that he is settling comfortably into his new surroundings at the LA Galaxy.
Marshall was signed by the LA Galaxy after surprisingly being left out of the 2009 Major League Soccer (MLS) Draft despite outstanding performances for the South Florida Bulls.

“I am settling a lot better now. It was a little difficult in the beginning because I was basically by myself and no one really to talk to, but as time pass you get more open with the players around you.

Also other things are falling into place like getting my apartment and other important things which has helped out” said Marshall.

The TT defender attributed his work ethic as one of the major reasons which has enabled him to gel with his team-mates and the LA Galaxy setup. “I came in a week or two into preseason so I had to catch up fitnesswise.

It was very difficult the first few weeks because I was a step behind everybody but I started to do extra work after every practice to catch up and I think the guys saw this and appreciated what I was doing and opened up to me more” explained Marshall. He added “It is not always easy for the new guy because you have to prove yourself in a sense. So from the first few weeks it has changed, but that does not mean much.

You have to keep your intensity up every day on the practice pitch” said Marshall.

Training with the LA Galaxy, Marshall noted that there is a vast difference between playing in College compared to the MLS. “The speed of the game is very different, it is faster and you have to do a lot of little things to make your job easy.

“The way they play here is different from how my coach wanted me to play at College” said Marshall.

With world renowned players such as Landon Donavon and David Beckham in the LA Galaxy’s line-up the team is one had attained global recognition. As a result the expectancy to win every match is enormous. “There is no pressure on my hands, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“The expectation right now in Los Angeles is that for the past three seasons this team has not been to the playoffs for this year obviously people are expecting better results.

“And that is the mentality that the entire locker has and it shows every time we practise. It is as though everyday is game day” said Marshall.

He stated that the experience of playing with Beckham and Donovan will only enhance his standard of play as he continues developing.

“These guys have a wealth of club and international experience and I am willing to take in any and almost everything from them and the other guys on the team to improve myself and my game” noted Marshall.