Dean LoganFormer National Under 23 striker Dean Logan is currently pursuing a United States Soccer Federation national coaching “C” license and is currently enjoying the transition from player to coach in the US.



The ex-Princes Town Senior Comprehensive captain from the school’s 2001 Intercol winning team, recently graduated from the University of Mobile in Alabama with a double degree in Sociology and Psychology and is now into coaching, holding the position with the coaching staff of the University of Mobile team. He is also coach of a Travel youth club in Alabama Blast FC. He is head coach of the Under 14 and Under 16 girls team in Division Two of the Alabama Youth Soccer League. Added to that,  Logan is also a coach with the Alabama Olympic Development Programme.

The 28-year-old Logan emphasized the importance of pursuing his academic development in the US which came through a successful period in the local secondary schools football league and is advising other local youngsters to follow a similar path.

“You have to grab the opportunity. If there is a chance through football for you to better your life, even if you do not go on to become a big time international or professional player, there are a lot of opportunities to better yourself through university and football especially in the US like I’m doing right now,” Logan said.

“Playing locally at youth level helped my career a lot. I was fortunate to play amongst and with some of the best players our country produced in my generation. That helped me a lot as a young player growing up, even with the national team. Thanks to many youth coaches from the southland, I was able to gain knowledgeable experience as a player. All I ever did was play. So when I entered the college system I was somewhat technically and tactically ahead of most guys on my college team. Then of course I had to balance the academics and the football and it paid off,” Logan added.

"I’m definitely going to use the opportunity (in December) to see what talent is available and how the players can benefit by coming up to the US to places like Mobile University and within Alabama.”

“Players have to continue chasing their dreams. Some opportunities comes once in a lifetime. There is always someone trying to take your spot, and because of that, commitment, passion, hard work and enthusiasm is needed. Always keep God first as he is the one who has blessed us with the talent that we have and we must develop that talent, “ Logan concluded