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CalitoCarlos Edwards says he found Saturday's 2-0 defeat to Portsmouth hard to take after the Blues had played so well in the first half. The winger-turned-right-back says he'd rather play badly and win rather than play well and lose as Town have in their last two games.

Speaking after Saturday's match, Edwards said: “It's hard to accept after playing some very attractive football and creating so many chances, and yet again we came away with zero points.

“I prefer playing rubbish and coming away with three points rather than playing attractive football and coming away with nothing because in the end all that hard work comes to absolute peanuts.

“Saturday was one of those days, you can't fault the lads for their efforts, but it just didn't happen for us.”

Despite creating several of the chances which went begging, the Trinidad and Tobago international isn’t too harsh on his team-mates for their profligacy in front of goal: “You have to credit them for finding themselves in the positions to get on the end of some of the deliveries.

“But it counts for nothing when we put in some good deliveries and you don't put it in the back of the net.

“You can’t fault the lads, they are disappointed. Jason is disappointed because he was trying to get into double figures today.

“It was just one of those days where nothing was falling for either Connor or Jason. We as a team need to try and help them and not dwell too much on this game.”

Edwards says his fellow Trinidadian Scotland is determined to get on the scoresheet more regularly: “Jason is very eager to prove a lot of people wrong, he has set a target for himself.

“He is very disappointed with himself for not scoring one or two today. But it happens and let's just hope it happened only today and, come Cardiff, he can get back his scoring touch.”

Edwards admits that frustrations grew as the game wore on: “It gets disheartening. How many chances do you need to score? When you miss one or two, in the back of the head you say you are going to bury the next one in the back of the net, that’s how I think, I don’t know about the rest of the lads.

“Perhaps we were too casual and didn't have that extra killer instinct that you need to finish off teams. It was just one of those days.”

Overall though, the former Sunderland man says the team is performing well: “We've created a lot more chances in the last five or six games than we did in the whole first half of the season.

“It's very hard to accept this defeat because of the type of football that we played and the chances that we created. But it pays for nothing when you play attractive football and you walk away with your heads dropped.

“When they scored the second we were chasing the game, trying to get more in their faces. Unfortunately it didn’t happen in the way we planned it out in the last 10 minutes.”

Despite the recent defeats, the 32-year-old seems to be enjoying life at right-back playing for new boss Paul Jewell: “We are more positive, we are more eager to go forward and more enthusiastic to play football. The manager is letting us play the football, he knows what players he has and what he wants us to do.

“I think we maybe took one little step back in the last couple of games, which isn’t too much but at the same time it’s hard to take because since the new manager came in we’d gone on a very nice run and had been unbeaten in six games.

“Let’s hope that these two games that we’ve lost are just a one-off. The main extra ingredient we need is just to kill teams off.”