He's the form striker going into the FA Cup final and one of the players Stoke will be relying on if they're going to win this year.

We went to meet the Trinidad & Tobago striker ahead of Saturday's showdown to ask him about goal celebrations, being the underdogs and match day nerves.

Hi Kenwyne, start with an obvious question, but how much are you looking forward to an FA Cup Final?

Of course I am, It is a big occasion for everyone, the football club, the city, the fans, and their families, so it is a momentous occasion and we are definitely looking forward to it.

When you started out playing in Trinidad did you ever think you would end up in FA Cup final?

No you never do, you never know where you are going to end up playing. And think that whoever gets a chance to grace English football they would like to be a part of the big stage, whether it be Carling Cup, FA Cup, Premier League or such and such. It is always a dream for anybody to play in an FA Cup final.

Did you see FA Cup Finals on TV when you were young?

Yeah, but like any kid growing up you would watch it, but that is only just watching it on TV. It's a massive, massive difference being a part of it. Playing in the final is a big difference.

How would an FA Cup Final compare to other big occasions in your career?

If you try to compare then it stands on the same line. Being in the FA Cup final is a great achievement, but then making the World Cup is a great achievement, playing in the Premier League is a great achievement: they all rank in the same place. Everything can only be at the top, you only have one height you can reach more or less which you stack everything on.

You must feel like you are in your best form, the goal against Arsenal made it five in six games?

Actually no, not really. The goals have been coming I believe, but you don't feel that is your best form. I think as a player you look wider at what you are doing. At other times I could be in my best form but not scoring. I'm just happy to be on the scoresheet right now leading up to the final and hopefully it will continue then. As a player you always have to think, from the day you start playing to the day you retire, that your best is yet to come.

How big a challenge will Manchester City present?

Massive, but then that is what you play for. Manchester City is a very big football club, they have a massive fanbase and massive resources, and they have world class players so of course it is going to be a test. We are just looking forward to going out and doing our bit.

What kind of final do you expect it to be?

I learned a long time ago not to make predictions. We could get turned over ten nil, then again we could win. Who else would have thought we would have scored five in the semi? You learn to play the game and what happens, happens.

You'll be big underdogs for the final, how does that make you feel?

That's just the same story as all season. We've been underdogs all season. It's just continuing the trend and that's great. All we can go out and do is play our football 'cos that's all we've been doing all season, so its not really a massive difference. We're still gonna be boring Stoke that no-one expects anything of.

Strikers talk about visualisation techniques. Have you imagined scoring that winning goal at Wembley?

Ha, it would be funny if someone actually done that

Jermaine Defoe says he does...

If he envisages running past two people, doing a stepover or a roulette, and then putting it in the top corner and that actually happens, I'll start believing in it. Of course I think about scoring goals but to say you actually have a vision of what happens... you have to make it happen when you go out there.

Do you think you'll sleep well before the final?

Of course. I don't need to be nervous. But even if I am it is going to happen regardless of what I do or whether I decide to wear my boxers the wrong side or whatever. You can only do what you can do today.

One last question, we've noticed when you score you kiss your arm. What's that about?

Sorry, a lot of people want to know that but I'll keep that personal.

Good luck and thanks for your time. We've a free £50 bet with winnings in aid of a charity of your choice.

Thank you. The charity can be the Donna Louise Trust which our manager has done a lot of work for. This time last year he was climbing a mountain! As for the bet, it's not something I personally want to choose. I guess you know more so I'll let you pick something that will win on my behalf!

Thanks. You're not allowed to, but we'll put the £50 on Stoke to win the FA Cup at 3.1.