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Town manager Paul Jewell says he hopes right-back Carlos Edwards will learn from his mistake, take his punishment and move on having been handed a suspended prison sentence for various driving offences on Thursday. The 32-year-old, whose premature twins are being cared for in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, is set to keep his place in the Town side at Cardiff this afternoon.

Jewell said: “He’s had a bit of a strange week, his wife gave birth to twins prematurely. Obviously, we wish them well. They were very small when they were born but everything is OK, as far as I’m aware.

“Then he had the court case. He knows he’s been a silly boy. He’s been punished by the courts and punished by us, we fined him two weeks’ wages, the maximum we could. Hopefully, he’ll learn from the mistake and we move on.

“He’s been dealt with like everybody else and it will be a relief to him that he hasn’t gone to jail. He’s been given his punishment, he’s got to take it on the chin and move forward.”

The Blues boss has no concerns about the Trinidad and Tobago international’s mental state going into today’s game, although he says he was a little low earlier in the week: “I spoke to him on Wednesday and he had a bit of gaunt look about him. He’s normally a very bubbly character, a very relaxed, easy-going lad.

“He looked a little bit tense on Wednesday, which you would expect. It would have been a horrible day for him waiting for the sentencing.

“He’s got his sentence, now I expect him to show remorse, but move forward and put it behind him and just get back to playing football.

“I asked him before the Brighton game how he was mentally and he was fine and I think he’ll be absolutely fine [at Cardiff].”

Jewell says the former Sunderland, Luton and Wrexham man will definitely be making alternative travel arrangements from now on: “He knows he can’t behind the wheel of a car, so he’ll have to get a chauffeur or a driver or get the bus. Luckily he doesn’t live too far from the training ground.”