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Derby fans may see Stern again

Supporters may not have seen the last of striker Stern John in a Derby County shirt.


West Brom eyes Carlos Edwards

Midfielder Carlos Edwards, still new into his contract with English Championship club Luton Town, is being eyed for a new switch to Premiership side West Bromwich Albion.


Kelvin Jack reflects on Dundee's last match

It may have been at the other end of the park that Dundee eventually won the Brechin match, but they wouldn't have been in a position to snatch the points had it not been for a fantastic save from Kelvin Jack just minutes before the Dee were awarded that penalty. We spoke to the giant stopper about the match.


First in South Korea

Atiba Charles is on a mission to be the first local footballer to play professionally in South Korea.


Atiba Charles, Gefferson Goulart for South Korea trial

Trinidad and Tobago national team defender Atiba Charles and Brazilian midfielder Gefferson Da Silva Goulart were due to leave yesterday evening for a two-week trial at South Korean club Busan I'Park.


Colorado Rapids acquire Cornell Glen

The Colorado Rapids announced today the team's first trade of the 2005 off-season, as the Black and Blue acquired forward Cornell Glen from the Columbus Crew in exchange for veteran defender Ritchie Kotschau.


Birchall escapes broken bone

English-born midfielder Chris Birchall is hoping to be ready to make a return to  the playing field in one week’s time after being advised to rest his bruised instep in this country’s historic 1-0 win over Bahrain earlier this month.


Dundee will aid Kelvin cause

Relations with his national association remain strained, but Dundee boss Alan Kernaghan has still promised goalkeeper Kelvin Jack he will do everything he can to help his chances of appearing in next summer’s World Cup Finals for Trinidad and Tobago.


It was a dream come true, says Cox

Defender Ian Cox talks about his World Cup qualification experience before looking ahead to Saturday's match with Colchester United.