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Scotland eyes coaching

FORMER TRINIDAD and Tobago football team striker Jason Scotland is setting his sights on coaching after he decides to hang up his boots.


Port Vale eyes Gavin Hoyte

Port Vale eyes Gavin.PORT Vale are being linked with a move for Dagenham’s out-of-contract right back Gavin Hoyte, and could even complete a move today.


Port Vale's former World Cup midfielder Chris Birchall says England will find Costa Rica tough to combat

Chris BirchallPORT Vale's World Cup veteran Chris Birchall will be watching with interest this afternoon as England try to end a poor campaign on a winning note when they take on surprise Group D leaders Costa Rica.


Molino keen on Kaka partnership

Molino keen on Kaka partnership.T&T midfielder Kevin Molino is buzzing with enthusiasm as he prepares to team up with Brazilian World Cup hero Kaka at Orlando City in American Major League Soccer (MLS) next season.


Whitecaps centre back Carlyle Mitchell asked to step up

Carlyle Mitchell vs ArgentinaWhen you have been yellow-carded for a hand to the face of the great Lionel Messi — in front of 40,000 screaming Argentine fans in Buenos Aires, no less — just about anything else in soccer should be a breeze, right?


McFarlane coaching at US nationwide programme

Former national forward Errol McFarlane is now a coach with the Super Soccer Stars which is a United States nationwide football programme for kids of all programmes.


Jlloyd Samuel leaves Esteghlal after 5-month pay dispute

Jlloyd SamuelAfter two-and-a-half successful years, it appears Jlloyd Samuel's time at Eteghlal reached a bitter conclusion following the former Aston Villa defender's claims that he hadn't been fully paid for five months.


Aston Villa Nostalgia: A look back at the career of Dwight Yorke

Aston Villa's Dwight Yorke, Savo Milosevic and Ian Taylor celebrate with the Coa Cola Cup after defeating Leeds United 3-0 at Wembley.Dwight Yorke's arrival at - and departure from - Aston Villa left a lasting impression on supporters.


Cato brings speed, determination, composure to Quakes

Cordell Cato vs FC DallasMidfielder Cordell Cato doesn’t always start for the Earthquakes, but when he does take the field, look out!