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Peltier nominated to Corgoň Liga All-Star team

Lester Peltier in all star team

As many as three players of AS Trenčín are in the ideal lineup of the first half of the season according to the daily Sport. No other Corgoň Leauge team has such a frequent occurrence in the prestigious company. In addition to the trio of players Miloš Volešák, Lester Peltier, and Jorge Salinas, there is Adrián Guľa as a coach.

Miloš Volešák gained the highest number of nominations among goalkeepers. Nominated for three times to the lineup of the round by the football journalists, the long-year guard of the Trenčín goal belonged to the best players of the league novice’s defense. Two AS midfields appeared in the best lineup of the fall. Nominated three times with four goals scored it was Lester Peltier in the left side. The spring newcomer from Trinidad and Tobago belonged to the most creative offensive midfields of the league. Jorge Salinas is the remaining member of the elite company. Thanks to his improving performance, the native of Paraguay had four nominations among the best players of the round in the fall part.

The sport journalists obviously appreciated the offensive style of AS Trenčín. Adrián Guľa is still just 36 years old, but he’s brought new progress to the Slovak football scene. His nomination for the daily Sport’s Coach of the Fall is therefore well deserved.