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Clint makes Danny's day

Clint Marcelle sealed a sensational victory for Barnsley and flew off on international duty with the praise of manager Danny Wilson ringing in his ears.

The classy 27-year-old Trinidadian pounced 13 minutes from time with a stunning left-foot volley to sink sorry Huddersfield and crown a memorable Oakwell debut.

One of five summer signings for Barnsley, Marcelle's killer blow was the perfect send-off for a World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica.

"He's a real crowd pleaser with electric pace and bags of skill," enthused manager Wilson.

"Clint was excellent in the last 20 minutes when others started to tire but I was delighted with our overall performance, we were superb at the back and showed a lot of character after Huddersfield equalised."

Barnsley twice took the lead through Neil Thompson and Neil Redfearn, but were bitterly upset that referee Gurnam Singh gave an own goal against Steve Davis two minutes before half-time.

Tom Cowan's long throw appeared to bounce straight into the net.

TV replays suggested a lucky break for Town, who struggled after Lee Sinnott went off with a calf injury.

Andy Payton had a miserable day back at Oakwell and his boss Brian Horton said: "Barnsley deserved to win and they were better in every department."