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Glen signs with Vietnam champs

Glen vs El Salvador

Cornell Glen has signed a one-year deal with Vietnam (V League)  Champions Song Lam Nghe. The  2006 World Cup squad member had been in training with the club in October and signed a couple weeks ago.

He is currently in preseason training with the club and came off the bench in the 61st minute to score an 80th minute winner over Thanh Hoa on Friday.

Glen who had been without a club since his time with San Jose Earthquakes  last year , said he was enjoying the build up to the new season in what is a totally different environment to his previous experiences in Portugal, United States and T&T.

“It’s gone pretty well for me so far. I was here training since October and I returned home before coming back to join the club ahead of the upcoming season.

The place is really similar to China in terms of the culture. I’ve settled in and the people and the players here are very eager to do well in football and I’m happy to be part of the champion club in Vietnam,” Glen said.

“I’m looking forward to doing well over here. I wasn’t selected in the national team for the World Cup qualifiers because I was without a club at the time so now I’m definitely looking to make a claim again.”

Song Lam also has three Jamaican players in their club including striker Devon Hodges who has six caps for Jamaica. Song Lam reached the round of sixteen in the 2011 edition of the Asian Confederation Cup.