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Birchall offers help to Vale

Chris Birchall says he is prepared to play for free in order to help out former club Port Vale on a short-term basis.

The winger is training with Vale following his departure from the Los Angeles Galaxy and the League Two club are ready to hand the 27-year-old a month-to-month deal.

Birchall, who made over 90 appearances for Vale before leaving for Coventry City in 2006, is willing to offer his services to manager Micky Adams for nothing.

"I've got a few things in the pipeline and one of those may happen in April or May," Birchall told The Sentinel.

"I spoke to Micky Adams and said that if he needs my services until then I'd be more than happy to help out.

"I'd play for free because I live locally, it would keep me fit and the club means a lot to me. But it's about whether Micky thinks I'd benefit the team.

"We have a good relationship because I played under him at Coventry and Brighton. I would only do this for him.

"I don't like to see the club struggle in terms of a lack of bodies and finances so if I can help, I will."

Boss: Birchall deal not done.

Port Vale boss Micky Adams insists reports the club have re-signed Chris Birchall are premature.

It was reported on Thursday that the former Vale midfielder had returned to Staffordshire to link back up with the League Two outfit.

However, while admitting he is hopeful of signing Birchall following his release by LA Galaxy, Adams has revealed talks over a proposed month-by-month deal are yet to be completed.

Adams told Vale's official website: "I was surprised to read Chris Birchall had signed because international clearance has not arrived and we are still to sort some other issues.

"I also smiled to myself when I saw he was playing for free - because you don't get anything for free in football.

"Hopefully we can get something completed but we aren't there yet."