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George aims to excel at Columbus

Tobago-born Kevan George is hoping to break into the Columbus Crew first team in the upcoming American MLS season.

After all, he knows that eyes will be on him to see whether he can follow in the footsteps of Stern John and Ansil Elock who both enjoyed successful tenures at the club.

George, born in Roxborough and an ex-member of the St Clair Coaching School, was drafted from the University of Central Florida. George is expected to join the T&T Olympic men’s team later this month at a training camp in Orlando prior to the CONCACAF Olympic final round of qualifiers.

“Preseason has been a learning and a growing experience for me at Columbus Crew,” said George. Every day is very competitive in training and you have to bring your best game to show the coaches what you are capable of and earn the respect of your teammates.

I would like to have history on my side, however, I just want to pave a path for myself and emulate what Stern and Ansil did,” he added.

“Right now I’m working really hard in preseason and trying to ensure that I can get into the first team for the season ahead.” George credits his father Mervyn as his biggest supporter.

“My mentor has been my father Mervyn George. He is the one I remember pushing me on. From the day I decided I wanted to be a pro, he signed me up for St Clair’s Coaching School and ever since he has been training me and spurring me on,” George added.

“Of course you have to earn the grades in the classroom. Not to mention the friends and great teammates that I’ve met to help me guide me on my path to my professional career,” George ended.