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Off with your shorts, Jason!

Jason Scotland’s reward from his team-mates, for scoring a late equaliser at league leaders Southampton last night, was to have his shorts pulled down!

Substitute Scotland struck in the 85th minute with a deflected shot to deny the table-topping Saints a precious two points in a 1-1 draw.

The veteran striker’s sixth goal of the season cancelled out Rickie Lambert’s 74th minute opener, and so stretched Town’s fine recent run to just one defeat in seven games.

Damien Delaney, a rock at the back for resolute Town, admitted that his team-mates had got “a bit carried away” in celebrating Scotland’s equaliser.

Explaining the goal-celebration, defender Delaney revealed: “I think it’s Jason really, because he’s kind of the first one to voice his opinion on everything.

“The lads were just happy that he had scored, because he had maybe not had the best of times on the bench recently.

“For him to come on and get the equaliser, the lads just got a bit carried away with themselves really.

“People just like pulling Jason’s shorts down, I suppose, and bringing him back down to earth!” added Delaney.

Referring to the deflection, which resulted in Scotland’s shot deceiving ex-Town keeper Kelvin Davis, Delaney joked: “I think it was an own goal, wasn’t it?

“No, Jason has done brilliant. “His attitude has been fabulous since he’s been out of the team. “He has worked hard, and kept the entertainment in the group because he’s a vociferous 

“He has deserved his goal tonight for the way that he has trained and the way he has kept in shape. He’s come off the bench and done what he is supposed to do.

“He’s a fabulous guy to have come on, especially to come on alongside Chops (Chopra).

“And I think it was a deserved point for us. Southampton were quite fluid in the first half and they cut us open a couple of times, but Alex (McCarthy) did his job by making some good saves. He kept us in it.

“We then regrouped at half-time and came out with a bit more belief in the second half. We took the game to them,” concluded Delaney.