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Marshall joins Thai Premier League side Chainat FC

Yohance Marshall at Chainat FC

We are pleased to announce that our client, Trinidad & Tobago internatio​​nal international, Yohance Marshall has signed a 2-year deal with Chainat Football Club for the 2012 Thai Premier League season.

Yohance used to train and play along with the likes of David Beckham and Landon Donavan at renowned MLS club, Los Angeles Galaxy.

We will also like to announce that our client, J-League striker, Jun Uruno has signed a 1-year deal with Bangkok United Football Club for the 2012 Thai Division 1 season.  Jun used to play for Ventforet Kofu
in J-League 1 and Roasso Kumamoto in J-League 2.

Trebol Sports International will continue our efforts to boost Thai football with quality foreign players like Jun Uruno and Yohance Marshall.

We wish them and the clubs success for the season!