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Telesford return to the Islanders

The Puerto Rico Islanders have signed defensive midfielder Osei Telesford and forward Greg Richardson. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Both Richardson and Telesford return to the club after previous experience with the Islanders.

Telesford, a defensive midfielder originally from Trinidad & Tobago, has had experience with Liberty University, playing in 65 matches totaling 8 goals. Also he has played for Joe Public Club in Trinidad & Tobago.

Also, Telesford has played for the Carolina Dynamo in the Premier Development League (PDL). In 2006 he was named Defensive player of the year and later passed to the Houston Dynamo.

Telesford joined the Islanders previously in 2008, forming part of the team when they won their first United Soccer League title and advance to the CONCACAF semifinals in 2008. Telesford has 16 caps with the Trinidad and Tobego National Team, adding one goal.

On the other hand, Forward Greg Richardson, originally from Guyana, has had experience in the MLS, signing with the Colorado Rapids in 2008.

He debuted against Chivas USA, this being his only appearance with the club. Before signing with the Islanders once again, he also played for the Carolina Railhawks, league rivals of the Islanders. In international play, he has participated in 22 matches with Guyana, scoring a total of 9 goals.