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Dog set for Milan

MARVIN ANDREWS grew up watching AC Milan dominate Italian football - and now he's preparing to take them on this Friday night at Ibrox!

The ex-Trinidad and Tobago defender is the latest former Rangers star to sign up to play in the legends match against the Rossoneri's Glorie team in this week's charity fundraiser.

When he was a teenager growing up in his homeland, Andrews would spend his weekends tuned into coverage of matches in Serie A and he looked on in awe.

But now the stopper - famed for his 'Keep Believing' phrase when Gers won the title on Helicopter Sunday seven years ago - is out to get a result against Franco Baresi et al.

You can be at the game if you buy tickets now. Either visit the Rangers Ticket Centre, call 0871 702 1972 or click HERE. If you want briefs posted to you, book by 4pm today.

Adult seats cost only £12 with concessions costing £8 and kids being admitted for only £6 each.

Andrews said: "I can't wait to play at Ibrox again. I train almost every day with Raith Rovers to keep myself fit so I'm in good shape.

"I wouldn't say I was match fit but I'm in decent condition and it'll be nice to return to the stadium to play in front of the fans once more.

"The last time I did that was with Hamilton in the SPL and I've been back a few times in my suit to make hospitality appearances but this will be special.

"It's important for the former players to show that we are all behind the club at the moment and hopefully this game helps Rangers get back on their feet.

"When I was growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, I would always watch Italian football on TV and I really admired the Milan and Inter teams of that time.

"Seeing guys like Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Costacurta playing was an education and taking them on this Friday will be brilliant."

Andrews is arguably more enthusiastic about being on the same side as some of the players who will be on his team.

A string of Ibrox legends have confirmed they will appear in the match and it promises to be a gala occasion for supporters and participants alike.

Andrews added: "It's exciting to be playing with some of Rangers' best ever players and to share a dressing room with so many legends will be a privilege.

"Even at this stage of my career, it will be a good experience for me and I will learn something from them.

"To see Ally McCoist and Mark Hateley sitting there lacing up their boots and being amongst people like them will be really exciting.

"I played against a few of the Dutch lads and Lorenzo Amoruso as well when I was at Livingston and it will be great to be on their side."