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Edwards eyes Ipswich Town captaincy next season

CARLOS Edwards has insisted he is the man to lead Ipswich Town’s promotion drive next season.

The right-back might not have seemed an obvious candidate when he took the armband for the first time at Portsmouth in February.

But his renowned laid-back style has not stopped the Trinidad and Tobago international taking control of the pre-match huddle – and then winning more fans over when he led his team mates in saluting the club’s 1962 champions before Saturday’s 1-0 win over Barnsley.

Edwards could face competition for his full-back spot next season, but it hasn’t stopped the 33-year-old from revealing his dream of remaining captain.

He said: “It is something I would like next season. After a while you get a nice sweet taste seeing that captain’s armband on your arm.

“It is a nice feeling and an honour – even though it still hasn’t sunk in. In all my career, it is the first time I have captained a side in England.”

Edwards, who has skippered his international side in the past, has missed only one league game and is a strong contender when the end-of-season awards are handed out.

His leadership skills came to the fore during the weekend’s celebrations to honour the club’s Division One championship success 50 years ago – after he lead the present-day side in a special salute as the league-winners took their seats.

Edwards – who signed a new one-year deal at Town last month – explained that the armband would never change his personality although it has given him even greater determination to fight off any challenge from new summer signings.

He said: “I am not a shouter or screamer – if I did that then you know something is wrong.

“I just get on with the job and I have a responsibility as captain on and off-the-pitch. To be fair, it is just basic – get to the point, tell the lads to try and play good football and whatever happens, don’t lose the game. We have to be hard to beat and work for each other.

“I think I have done a good job so far, but if next season he (Paul Jewell) decides to change that, I will respect any decision he makes and give that captain 100% support.”