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Peltier out of hospital after concussion

Lester Peltier

Trinidad and Tobago winger Lester Peltier is out of hospital and recovering from a concussion sustained last Saturday during  AS Trencin’s 2-1 win over Dunajská Streda in the Slovak Superliga.

Peltier went down in the 53rd minute on the play which saw him score his 11th goal of the season. The player netted from close range but received a knock on his head which resulted in him being taken off the field three minutes later.

He was taken to hospital and kept for observation for 24 hours.“I could not recall how the goal was scored,” Peltier said yesterday.

“The concussion lasted for six hours and I was kept at the hospital for a day. I’m thankful to be out and resting up a bit,” added the former San Juan Jabloteh player.
Peltier has been advised to rest for at least a week and is expected to resume training on Friday. “I’m feeling better but I’ve been advised to stay away from training or any physical activity for maybe a week since the injury but hopefully I will start training again on Friday.”

The 23-year-old is eager to continue his scoring run for Trencin having four goals in his last five appearances for them.

“I’m enjoying my run at the moment and I’m trying to score in every game or at least try to help Trencin pick up points and strengthen our position in the League,” Peltier stated. ­The Carenage-born player has five goals in 15 appearances for T&T.