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Jones wins court case with perfect alibi

Football star Kenwyne Jones has won a court case after giving what must be one of the best alibis in legal history.

Authorities charged the 27-year-old with doing 62mph in a 50mph zone in his Land Rover in Cheshire last August.

Yet at the time of the alleged offence Jones was taking part in a televised football match, scoring two goals as Stoke beat FC Thun 4-1 in the Europa League.

"He was actually playing for Stoke City Football Club at 7.30pm," argued lawyer Mike Stephenson.

"Mr Jones did in fact score two goals that evening. It was obviously someone else in his car."

The case was dismissed - but Jones did not escape unscathed. As he failed to provide evidence about the identity of whoever was driving, he was fined £650 plus £375 costs and given six points on his licence.

When you think about it, he'd probably have been better off taking the rap: after all, not many people could have been watching that particular Thursday night match on Channel 5.

It's not the first time that one of the big names at Stoke City has had a run-in with the law over their driving habits, incidentally. Just a few weeks ago manager Tony Pulis successfully argued that he should be able to keep his driving licence despite being clocked doing 96mph in a 60mph zone.

Pulis's lawyer - the same Mike Stephenson who defended Jones - claimed that the manager should not be disqualified since he had to make deals while on the phone in his car, and if the £1m-a-year boss had a chauffeur driving him round, the confidentiality of those calls could be breached - potentially scuppering major transfers.

And Magistrates accepted the argument that the inability to deal while at the wheel could lead to relegation: "The people of Stoke could suffer if Mr Pulis lost his licence," Stephenson said in his winning argument.