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Kordell Samuel may not have scored any goals in 4 starts for his new club, PDRM FA in the Malaysian Premier League but his 2 assists thus far have certainly captured the imagination of the Malaysian fans.

Kordell made his debut at home against current Premier League leaders, ATM FA in a 0-2 loss. He gave the visitors plenty of problems withhis strong running and quick thinking in the first half and this resulted in ATM deploying 2 defenders to man mark him and restrict his movement in the second half.

In the return game, Kordell helped his club forced a credible 2-2 awaydraw with ATM. With the score at 1-0 in the home team's favour, Kordell took the ball at the halfway line and whizzed past 3 players at breakneck speed. He then found the his teammate at the top of the penalty box with an incisive pass and his teammate converted to tie the game.

In his 4th game, Kordell again provided an assist in an away tie. With his team down 1-3, Kordell accelerated on the right of the18-yard box before slotting in a through pass for his teammate to finish off.

As most of his teammates are young and inexperienced, Kordell's coaches have often urged him to play the role of a senior player and set an example for them to follow. Kordell certainly carries the weight of his team on his shoulders as he finds himself in a rare situation where he has to work doubly hard for the cause of the the team.

His exceptional display of professionalism and fighting mentality have impressed opposing coaches, as well as those of his own team. They have indicated strong interest to re-sign him for the next season but Kordell is shelving contractual talks as he wants to focus on helping the team qualify for the knockout phase of the competition, the prestigious Malaysia Cup.