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Carlos looking to keep armband

Carlos Edwards is hoping to remain as Town's skipper next season, but admits there will be no hard feelings should manager Paul Jewell hand the armband to someone else.

The Players' Player of the Year first led the side out on Valentine's day, as Town recorded a 1-0 victory over Portsmouth at Fratton Park, and has kept the armband ever since.

"I've enjoyed captaining the side towards the back end of this season and I think I've earned the backing of the other guys in the team," Carlos told the Club website.

"It's been a good experience for me and I would love to remain as captain of Ipswich Town.

"But at the same time if the gaffer wants to change it around next season and hand the armband to someone else, then there wouldn't be any hard feelings.

"Hopefully people can see that I go out every game and try to do my best for the team, and when I'm wearing that armband I try and lead the team to the best of my ability also.

"I feel very honoured to be captain of this football Club and I see it as an extra responsibility that I now have. If that continues again next season, then great but if it doesn't then I will fully understand the gaffer's decision."