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Kordell turns in Man-of-the-Match performance in Malaysia‏.

Kordell Samuel knows that it will only be a matter of time before he gets his first goal.

However, not only did he help himself to two goals, he was alsoinvolved in his team, PDRM FA’s two other goals as well as he single-handedly destroyed MP Muar in a 4-1 victory to help his teamend a 4-game winless streak.

Kordell was so impressive that the head coach of MP Muar approached him after the game for the post-game hand shake and asked if he would be keen to play for them next season!

The big T&T centre forward was operating as a right winger in the game as PDRM FA wanted to capitalize on his speed and trickery.

The tactic worked wonders as Kordell tormented the MP Muar’s defence the entire evening and on one such foray, he earned the team a penalty when he tried to cut in from the wing and was fouled in the process. PDRM FAled 1-0 as a result of the converted spot-kick, thanks to Kordell’s ingenuity and hard work.

MP Muar and equalized but when Kordell received a through ball, he swiped at it with aplomb and scored his first goal of the season to give PDRM FA a deserved 2-1 lead at halftime.

Kordell provided his fourth assist of the season when he zipped down the wing and laid the ball to the edge of the penalty box for his team captain to make it 3-1.

He put the icing on the cake when he accelerated past 2 closing defenders, rounded the goalkeeper and tapped the ball into an empty net.