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Jamal Shabbazz…..Densill is a shining example

Come next season, Caledonia AIA Coach Jamal Shabbazz will have some big shoes to fill, as he has lost his inspirational midfielder Densill Theobald.

Theobald, recently got his work permit approved and he is heading to Scottish Premier League Club Falkirk FC next week to join former National Captain Russel Latapy—who is a player/coach at the club.

Shabbazz, told, he is extremely happy for Densill, “This is a youngster that has worked hard at his game and his career as a professional footballer.”

“This is good not only for Densill and Trinidad and Tobago, but especially for the youths in the ghetto, because Densill represents—what a young man from Nelson Street, coming out of the ghetto can accomplish, despite being from the so-called deprived areas in Trinidad and Tobago, I am very proud of him,” said Shabbazz.

Shabbazz added, “I have always had confidence that there were big things in store for Densill, he is a hard working dedicated young man and deserving of what comes his way.”

The Caledonia Coach is not seeing Densill’s departure from Caledonia as a negative, but rather as a positive.

“I am really not seeing it as a loss, but rather as a gain, by his departure, he will open up the way for another young Theobald to come through—a young player can now step up and be motivated by what Densill has been able to achieve and will be also able to walk in his footsteps and reach for the skies,” said Shabbazz.