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Trinidadian jets in

Wrexham last night welcomed the arrival of "the most exciting winger in Trinidad" on a 10-day trial. Right-winger Josh Johnson, who was kept out of the Soca Warriors' World Cup squad by former Dragons' favourite Carlos Edwards, yesterday flew in from the Caribbean.

The 24-year-old was one of the top scorers for Hector Sam's old club San Juan Jabloteh last season and has been capped at U-21 and U-23 level for Trinidad & Tobago.

He is expected to make the step up to international level but has so far been kept out by Edwards. Johnson will begin training at Wrexham today and will be at the Racecourse at least until July 21 and may figure in friendly with Liverpool. The player's agent Mike Berry even suggested he would surpass Edwards and be a star of the next World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Berry said: "He's the most exciting right-winger in Trinidad at the moment - he hasn't got his international caps yet because he's been blocked by a certain Mr Edwards.

"I'm confident he'll impress. I've watched Josh for the last five years and watched his career grow steadily. He's not just a very good right-winger similar to Carlos Edwards - he's probably a better crosser of the ball than Carlos.

"He's a very exciting, orthodox right-winger who will go down well at Wrexham and he's excited to be here. He's fast and he scores goals.

"Wrexham need a right-winger - they haven't had one since Carlos went."

Club secretary Geraint Parry yesterday said: "Josh will start training straight away tomorrow. We'll look at the clearance issues and see if he can play friendlies."