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Latapy will have last word - Hughes

Falkirk manager John Hughes insists veteran Russell Latapy will make his own decision on whether to play on for another season.

Latapy had been expected to make last summer's World Cup finals with Trinidad and Tobago his swansong but thrilled everyone at his club by deciding to play on for another season.

The 38-year-old has again indicated he would like to keep going for a further year after playing a starring role for the Bairns in a campaign in which he has failed to start only a handful of matches.

Hughes admits he may have to use the former Hibernian and Rangers player less frequently if he does remain for another term.

However, he believes the impact Latapy can have both on and off the pitch is such that he could prove to be invaluable, despite his advanced years.

Ahead of Saturday's SPL clash at Hibernian, Hughes said: "Russell will tell you whether he's got another year left in his body and we'll take it from there - as we did last year.

"His mind certainly has got another year left and his feet.

"Russell's always got a massive part to play at the club, not just in terms of the playing side. I don't think he realises it at times, what it does for the young kids training and playing against him.

"But we might need to use him a wee bit more sparingly than we have this season - we've maybe slogged him too much this year.

"I think it was two weeks ago I spoke to Russell and there was a thank you and an apology to him.

"The thank you was for what he's been doing, playing like he does with one or two players that are maybe inferior to him but still having the desire to go and do it and encourage them.

"The apology was that I felt we have slogged him this year.

"I can see a lot of players learning from him and, if it was me, I'd just be delighted to be on the training pitch with him."