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Brent Sancho eyed by Zurich

Brent Sancho is likely to go to Europe for trials later this year or in January.

The former Joe Public man has attracted interest from Swiss giants FC Zurich and the club is keen to have a look at him. He has also received offers from clubs in Portugal and Belgium.

"I'm supposed to be going to Europe for a couple try-outs but I can't say much about the clubs in Portugal or Belgium as yet. FC Zurich have shown some interest and they too, may be arranging to have me there for trials so it's something I'm looking forward to," Sancho said on the weekend from the United States.

Sancho lined up for T&T in a 0-0 draw against the United States and his impressive showing has earned him another call to the national team which is preparing for the 2002 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

In related news: Brent Sancho can expect to come under close scrutiny from Technical Director Rene Simoes. The former Joe Public player was called back for the Honduras clash this weekend but indicated that he was unsure of his participation because his present club Portland Timbers was in the quarter finals of the American A-League playoffs.

"It's always an honour to represent your country and I will always make the effort to come back and play. We have a new coach who doing a good job and getting the younger players involved and I want to be part of this," said Sancho.

Simoes said he got a good recommendation of Sancho but added that he felt it hard to understand how the player was overlooked at one time because of his dreadlocks hairstyle.