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James wishes Jones well

It was a collision with David James during June's friendly international between Trinidad & Tobago and England that damaged the Sunderland striker's knee ligaments - and the Portsmouth goalkeeper has apologised to Jones and wished him a full recovery.


Portsmouth's England keeper David James has expressed regret about the incident in which Sunderland striker Kenwyne Jones was injured, and said he hopes to see him playing Premier League football again early next year.
James and Jones collided during the friendly centenary international between England and Trinidad & Tobago at the beginning of June, and the resultant damage to the Sunderland man's knee ligaments means he faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines.
Indeed, the ex-Southampton striker, who had an impressive first season in the Premier League with the Black Cats, is expected to be out of first-team contention until at least the New Year.
The Sunderland Echo reports that a rueful James has been in touch with Jones, sending him his apologies and best wishes and explaining that there was nothing at all intentional about the collision.
James said: "I hope Kenwyne has a speedy recovery – I believe he could be out until February.
"Certainly, I had no intention of hurting the player. It was purely accidental.
"I tried contacting him afterwards and sent a text but haven't managed to speak to him yet. It was a sour end to the season and upsetting all round."
England won the friendly 3-0 in Port of Spain, with fellow Sunderland stars Carlos Edwards and Dwight Yorke also featuring for T&T.
However, Jones was crocked just a few minutes into the game, having only just received clearance to be involved after breaking a wrist in the last Premier League game of the season, against Arsenal, a couple of weeks earlier.
Sunderland have not yet commented officially on the extent of Jones's injury, but he is thought unlikely to play again this year.
Consequently, Black Cats' boss Roy Keane is looking for quality strikers, and has been strongly linked with Tottenham's Darren Bent and Everton's Andy Johnson.