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Scotland double lifts Swansea

Trinidad and Tobago international striker Jason Scotland took his personal goal tally to 11 league items this season as Swansea swept aside hosts Burnley 2-0 in the England Championship Division yesterday afternoon. Swansea have not lost a game this season once Scotland was on the scoresheet although they drew eight successive matches before yesterday's fixture. But an emphatic 44th minute penalty from Scotland-Burnley defender Michael Duff was ejected for dragging down the 2006 World Cup squad member in the penalty box-and a neat finish four minutes from time ensured Swansea's success.

The Wales-based club are in 11th place in the 24 team table but the victory over fifth place Burnley means they are just six points shy of a Play Off berth as they push for promotion to England Premier League.

Scotland is yet to score for the "Soca Warriors" in the 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign thus far but his career is certainly on the rise in Britain. His double yesterday made him the third Trinidad and Tobago player to hit double figures in a single season at the second tier of the English game.

Stern John's 21 league goals for Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City in the 2001/02 remain the top tally for a Trinidad and Tobago player in the division while John, who now represents Bristol City, also managed double figures at the Championship Level in the 2004/05, 2005/06 and 2007/08 seasons. Sunderland attacker Kenwyne Jones managed 14 Championship League goals in 2006/07 for former club, Southampton.

Scotland, who is in his debut season at this level, led his club's scorers with 24 League One goals last year-exclusive of his five Cup items-while he banged home 18 and 15 league goals respectively in the 2006/07 and 2005/06 seasons for Scotland First Division outfit, St Johnstone.

Burnley manager Owen Coyle is well aware of Scotland's talent as Coyle signed and coached the attacker at St Johnstone before both men took different routes to the English leagues. But Scotland gave him a timely reminder yesterday anyway with a well taken double.

Scotland'ss current boss was even more appreciative of Scotland yesterday.

"Jason is a magic player and makes a difference on the pitch," he said. "The challenge this season was to play at Championship level, but he can keep improving and get better."