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T&T players on the move ?

Scott Sealy
Get the latest news on some of T&T's upcoming star players that has been linked to foreign clubs and some rumored to join other teams this coming season.
From America to Israel.

Trinidad and Tobago international Scott Sealy (27) is on the verge of signing a contract with Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv. Sealy who played in recent times with American-MLS side the San Jose Earthquakes has been training with Maccabi Tel Aviv and is expected to sign a contract sometime today. A spokesman at the club said "a decision is expected to be announced today before the transfer window closes tonight.

Farrier on trial at Quakes.

While Scott Sealy will be leaving the San Jose Earthquakes it seems another Trini will be trying to replace him on the Quakes 2009 roster. T&T national defender Ancil Farrier is on trial at the club and it has been reported that he have been holding his own and could be offered a contract soon should he continue to impress at the training camp. In 2008 both Hayden Tinto and Conrad Smith were also on trial with the Quakes but failed to land a contract.

Daniel being eyed by Toronto.

MLS rumors had Toronto FC linked to Trinidad and Tobago international midfielder Keon Daniel. Kristian Jack at The Score was on it quickly, and confirmed the rumours shortly after. In the linked interview, Mo Johnston mentions he is still looking at having him come in for pre-season. The 22 year-old has 5 goals in 15 appearances with the Soca Warriors and has previously had trials with Manchester United and West Ham United. He is apparently a set-piece specialist.

Another name that he mentioned was Gregory Richardson. The Guyanese striker currently plies his trade with Joe Public FC in Trinidad and Tobago, and scored a hat-trick for them in their 4-0 win over the New England Revolution in the CONCACAF Champions League. Mo is confident that he will be in training camp this pre-season as well.